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Lovely Bump hand-painted products!

LB hand-painted tees, onesies & layettes

Each one screen-printed and/or fabric & acrylic painted (machine wash and dryable) by hand in the Bay Area, USA on 100% organic cotton tees, onesies and layettes from age 0-14. These designs are too cute for words, make just the perfect gift, and best of all, are just $5 ! For an added touch and crowd pleaser, add the child's name or nickname to any design (for just an added $1.50).

Wares from Local Craftspeople

DizzyLizzyBarrettes- clip barrettes that work in fine hair! Cute and assorted designs. Priced individually for eight dollars. Now reduced to six dollars.

Click for picture  Boobib- Hand-sewn nursing drapes that allow you to nurse with privacy anywhere! From your favorite restaurant to the ballpark, now you can nurse in comfort. Come in a variety of colors/patterns and priced at 24 dollars including matching burp cloth.

Click for picture  Vanity Flair- Hand-sewn nursing drapes modeled after Hooter Hiders, that again, allow you to nurse with privacy anywhere. Come in a few simple patterns/colors and priced at 18 dollars including matching burp cloth.

We Now Offer Repair On Most of the Things We Sell Here:

-Maternity Clothes, Kid Clothes, Kid Shoes

-Toys & Gear: Only if the problem is cosmetic (rips, tears, stains, bleach spots, etc), and not mechanical.

Are you utterly BUMMED that those $58 See Kai Runs are now falling apart, or are all scuffed up?
How 'bout that pair of Citizens you paid nearly $300 for...you want to sell them on Craigslist but they're ripped at the seams or have a big bleach spot on the butt?

Well, bring it in, and for a small fee, we'll make it look as good as NEW!

Local Photography

If you are looking to advertise your business in a cost effective way, and in a place where many expectant moms can view your work, consider renting a space at the Bump on one of our 'photo block' walls.  How it works: You drop off 4-8 framed photos (or just one digital frame that really catches-the-eye-of-the-passer-by!) that we hang along with your business card for all to take.  The cost to you is a small monthly fee that corresponds with the size of space your photo block takes on the wall. We don't require any commission for referrals to your business-and you better believe you will receive many!  Please e-mail us for more info  if this sounds like something that would work for you and your business!

New and Like-New Clothing, Toys & Gear

Let's see what you've got! After reading the guidelines, please call or stop by to make an appointment.

DO WHAT'S BEST FOR OUR PLANET (and your pocketbook)
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