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Our lovely store

How, you ask, are we different from other consignment stores?

What sets us apart from other shops is the...

...space you enter in this quaint little downtown area.

And if, while shopping, you feel the need to feed, we always have a glider and ottoman foremost for sale, but also to utilize! In fact, our friendly staff will encourage you to test drive any product--trike, game, sling, or the like-- whether just for fun or if planning to purchase. And please don't forget to visit our kid/parent-friendly play area where lives everyone's favorite entertainer, Larry the turtle (yes, we're a pet friendly store :)).

Besides the accessibility and cleanliness of our physical space, we pride ourselves in carrying both quality new and nearly-new second hand products and clothing. At least half of our stock consists of these "white tag" items-- clothing, toys and gear with original tags Lovely Bump @ Yelp.com and/or packaging in-tact, as well as brand names that hold their value, even second hand

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Anything purchased for resale at the LB is first thoroughly inspected for being either "tag-on" (new) or for showing very little wear, and secondly (but no less important) being "just out of the dryer clean". If something enters the store in a box, bag, or packaging of any sort, it will be taken out, inspected, (if need be spruced up,) and then sold in a fully displayed manner. But whether new or like-new, our prices START at half of what you'd pay retail, so...

DO WHAT'S BEST FOR OUR PLANET (and your pocketbook)
Reduce • Reuse • Resell

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