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How Our Trade Works

We provide store credit upfront, for new and like-new maternity and kid (nb-16) clothing, books, toys, shoes, and small gear (most things that come to us in a bag or bin) by appointment. We do appointments most evenings to accommodate working people. To help control inventory, please limit the amount you bring per appointment, to 4 paper shopping bags (or just 1 larger bin/bag/box) or less. We encourage you to spend all your store credit that day. But if you don't, your bump cash coupon will expire in one year. And please save appointment space for new LOVELY BUMP-ers by waiting until you've spent all your credit before you make another appointment. Also keep in mind our 'second hand for second hand' policy which means your store credit excludes our wholesale purchased inventory. So if your you're looking to get rid of items you no longer need, and love to shop LB, phone us during our business hours (11am-6 pm) to set up an appointment today!

Trade Items:

New and like new clothing and shoes (0-16 yrs)

Any clothing that's brought in for trade at The Bump must:

  1. Show absolutely no spots or stains
  2. Be fresh from the dryer clean, and folded neatly
  3. Fit in to (no more than) FOUR(4) paper bags (like Safeway bags) or just ONE (1) larger (tall white garbage) bag, bin or box. PLEASE NO BLACK HEFTY BAGS

Please save our manager time by sorting through your clothing to abide by these standards before your appointment!

New and like new Maternity and Nursing Clothing
(that we will sell for under $20)

We pride ourselves in carrying the largest (and most reasonably priced) selection of dress, casual, comfy, swim, nurse, and office attire out there for the expectant mommy. And unlike new shops where all you see is the same clothing, at the Bump you can take your time sorting through each rack organized by type and size, but filled with all different colors, styles, textures, and brands.

Our sizes range from XXS through Plus Size (yes, we carry plus size maternity clothes). And no matter what size or brand, our prices START at half of what you'd pay retail, so come check us out today!

Toys, Books, Video/DVD, and Games

What can we say, anything you're no longer using that still works, and contains all necessary parts (including batteries! if electronic and contains no batteries, we will charge $1.50 per battery). We take a look at anything you bring in and let you know if it's something that would sell at the time of your appointment.

How Our Consignment Works

These are usually larger items (see list of items below) we will sell for over $20, and do not require an appointment. But please phone to check on space befor loading up your car, and then drop off during any of our regular business hours. And before you consider consigning with us, please look over the consignment contract here on the site.more about consignments...

Consignment Items:


The most important thing to keep in mind upon drop off is that: all furniture items must be fully assembled. On any given day, you will find a variety of furniture pieces here at the Bump. We usually have two to three cribs in the shop, both the drop-side and fold-down type. Other furniture items would include: changing table, mini-crib, hutch, dresser, armoire, bassinette, anything from PB Kids (rugs, bedding, etc), and the list goes on. Save assembly time/headaches AND money--buy your nursery furniture at Lovely Bump!


These are items like: stroller, jogger, snap-n-go, high chair, carseat(sometimes infant and always stage 2), car booster seat, bouncy seat, excersaucer, mobile, playmat, playpen, swing, diaper bag, breast pump, baby sling (Ergo, Bjorn, Kangaroo Korner, Hotsling, Moby Wrap, and PeanutShell). Please keep in mind that we will deduct 25% of the sell price pre-payout for any furniture or gear item that arrives in need of any kind of TLC: (cleaning, sanding, staining, etc). With these things in mind, dig out those storage areas, bring it in, and let us do the rest of the work!

High End Maternity/Kid Clothing

These are clothing items that will sell for over $20(accounts for a very small percentage of our inventory, as most of our clothing ranges from $.50 to $6.95 max, including maternity clothing). However some is just too nice to price that low. Consignment Maternity brands might include: Seven (citizens for humanity) or Joes jeans, work suits, etc. Kid clothing might include holiday dresses, or certain brands of nwt (new w tag) clothing. Just bring the (possible consignment) items with your other appointment clothing, and we will let you know which would qualify for consignment status.

Items We're Always Looking For

Call or stop in today to set up an appointment.

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